The Truth of Turmeric


My first idea of turmeric is “curry”. I remembered that an Indian man commonly asked “What type of curry? The local language is “Curry apa? He used to roll a brownish paper and wrapped into a cone shape to keep the curry powder. He skillfully mixed a few types of powder together.

Importantly, I must say the magic word “tak mahu pedas!” before he did anything. The Indian man shakes his head. I thought he did not like it anywhere when I said “Less Spicy”.

My family originally not a curry lover. The main culinary practice at my hometown also not a curry based cooking. The truth, I thought Tumeric was curry until many years later after I started to cook. I realised that “Turmeric” is a different ingredient.

I also knew the truth reason “Why” the Indian man shook his head many years later. He wanted to tell me that he could make it less spicy!

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